Steps to Maintain and Clean Your Home Security Cameras

how to clean home security cameras

It’s no secret that cleaning your CCTV cameras regularly is of great importance, as dust and grime can build up on the lens over time and affect their performance. By keeping them polished, not only will you get crystal-clear footage, but you’ll also extend their lifespan.

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Why Does My Security Camera Keep Going Offline?

why does my security camera keep going offline

If you’ve ever been frustrated by your security camera keep going offline, you’re in the right place. In this post, I’ll address the top reasons why your security camera may be experiencing connectivity issues.

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How To Spot A Fake Security Camera?

how to spot a fake security camera?

A fake security camera? Yes, you heard it right. These imposters are floating around on the market, often mistaken for the real deal. Unveiling their true identity might seem like a tough task, but I assure you, it’s not.

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How To Tell If A Security Camera Is Recording?

how to tell if a security camera is recording?

Do you find it hard to figure out if a security camera is actively recording or not? You might be questioning the efficiency of your own security system or feeling anxious about your privacy in public places.

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How To Block A Neighbor’s Security Camera?

how to block neighbors security camera?

Have you ever felt like you’re being watched? Like someone’s peering into your private space without your permission? Well, if you’ve seen your neighbor’s security camera pointing toward your property, these unpleasant feelings have some serious grounds.

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How Many Security Cameras Do I Need?

how many security cameras do i need?

Are you feeling a bit puzzled about the number of security cameras your property might require? Trust me, you’re not alone. The question, “How many security cameras do I need?” is one that many homeowners and businesses grapple with.

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How Long Do Security Cameras Keep Footage?

how long do security cameras keep footage?

Surveillance footage does more than just play back the day’s events. If you are a business owner, you may want to use the camera to define patterns, be it sneaky shoplifters or employees with sticky fingers.

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Can Tenants Install Security Cameras?

Can tenants install security cameras?

As you move into a new apartment or house, you may wonder whether you can install security cameras in rental apartments. This question is up in the air because there are many things to consider before you take action. And it’s not only about damaging the walls of the landlord’s property.

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