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How to Keep Bugs From Setting off Security Cameras?

How to keep bugs from setting off security cameras

Here is a typical story. You install surveillance cameras outdoors and are pretty much satisfied with the results – the video quality is good, and you have peace of mind knowing that they pick up everything you want them to. But then nature steps in. And instead of a clear and focused image of your property, you see nothing but a spider weaving in and out.

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How Far Can Security Cameras See?

How far can security cameras see

When you set up a security camera system, you want to cover a particular area, right? Whether it’s for home, commercial, or social use, you expect to have no blind spots to protect your property, ensure proper workflows, and maintain order. That’s why it is crucial to know how far can security cameras see before you take any steps to purchase them.

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Why Are Security Cameras so Low Quality?

Why are security cameras so low quality

You install a security camera (CCTV) system for peace of mind. You assume that you will get a clear image in case an emergency happens. But, as it turns out, many CCTV cameras have low-quality video.

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